Monday, May 9, 2011

The first weekend.

Wolfram Lohr

Wow, what a first weekend!
Friday night saw us all celebrating with friends and clients at the private view. We made it, a house fit for the public!

Barbara Collins

I must say the weather behaved very well, dazzling the garden with its sunny presence!

Hiliary Collins

Guests were able to flow freely through the house, trying on Hiliarys silk scarfs and Charlies stunning silver jewellery.
Chris Brooks

Children took delight in spotting the toads and frogs around the pond.

Wolfram Lohr

Usually the first Saturday of the festival is a quiet one for the Open Houses, due to the children's parade, I think we were slightly shocked at how busy it became!

Annie McMullan

It was definitely a day for people to purchase garden features, Annie's flowers were so vibrant in the sun!

Penny Dann

Pennys illustration from her latest book Nursery Rhymes for your Baby were very popular, you can purchase the book too at the Open House.

Chris Brooks

Wondering around the house and through to the garden is so inspiring. Even though I am an exhibitor, I too turn a corner and still go 'wow!'

Emma Herian

Whats lovely about 202 Ditchling Road is the mix of disciplines. With an array of textiles, paintings, photography and jewellery, it certainly entertains the eye.

Chris's Studio (in the garden)

Rafe Brooks

Rafe is the shy artist of the house, at 10years old he is following in his fathers footsteps creating these beautiful Dragonfly's for the garden and also small ones as brooches, a future worth following!

Charlie High

I strongly recommend when you visit that if you see an item of jewellery or a scarf, try it on. It really does help make a decision and the artists are very happy to assist!

Hiliary Collins

We have 2 sisters exhibiting together in the house this year. Both Hiliary and Barbara have created unique items but in very different materials!

Barbara Collins

It can be very tiring walking around all these houses.....

The Stairwell at 202 Ditchling Road

.....So we strongly recommend you make your way to the garden.....

...... relax and enjoy a slice of homemade cake (all made by the artists!) and sip tea!

View from Cake Central (the kitchen!)

See you next weekend!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Emma Herian

Hello and welcome!

Polly Raynes

This blog is dedicated to a fantastic Open House.
It all started 30years ago by a man called Ned Hoskins in an area of Brighton called Fiveways.

Chris Brooks

Over the years a few more houses joined in exhibiting work from various artists and makers.

Polly Raynes and Chris Brooks decided to open their house (202 Ditchling Road) to the public and including their gorgeous garden.

Now the Artist Open Houses has expanded across the whole of Brighton & Hove and is held through out the first 4 weekends of May, alongside the Brighton May Festival.

Polly Raynes

2011 is celebrating 30years of the Open houses and this year 202 Ditchling Road has a sumptuous gathering of art, textiles, jewellery, glass and garden accessories!

Whilst walking around you can enjoy the beautiful work in a delightful house, take tea and rather delicious cakes in the garden with its sculptures and stunning pond!

As the weekends go by, I will try to update the blog with photos and possibly interviews with the artists and makers.

Chris Brooks

The best bit about an Open House is if you see something you like you can buy it and take it home!

So pop in, say hello....... you know you want to and you know you want some of that CAKE!

202 Ditchling Road
Sat 7th - Sun 8th May
Sat 14th - Sun 15th May
Sat 21st - Sun 22nd May
Sat 28th -Sun 29th May
11am - 5.30pm